Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dux Bellorum playtest 0 cont'd

I still haven't read all the rules, but I did manage to draw up the Saxon list and deploy them on-table. You can see them here, from the Norman side of the table.

I've decide to go for an all-Shieldwall army: one unit Foot Companion representing Harold, his Huscarls and the thegns, two units of Noble Shieldwall representing the select Fyrd, and four of Ordinary Shieldwall representing the Great Fyrd.

I've chosen to give the army "Hurled Weapons" to reflect what little missile power the Saxons might have had - this does not actually give them a ranged attack, but gives them an advantage in melee when charged from front; this, coupled with the advantage of being uphill, will give the Normans a real challenge.

The Saxon strategy here will be simple: sit on top of the ridge and wait for the Normans to dash themselves to piece. This makes it easy for me as a solo playtester as I don't have to figure out what to do for both sides.

I hope to get the first turns in on Thursday, time permitting.

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