Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Sunday shots: AT-43 Kolossus as Space Marine Dreadnought

I bought a box of Rackham AT-43 Kolossus to 'convert' into a Dreadnought for my small Space Marine force, and after three weeks and the purchase of additional bits, here it is!

Well, it's not really a 'conversion', since all I did was to paint it the same colour as my Marines, and put on some 40K bits...

In this view you can see all the three bits that I added: a scroll thing on which I wrote the word 'DEATH' (my Marines have an unhealthy obsession with the subject...), a purity seal (instantly converts almost anything to a 40K item), and the skull decal (like I said, they seem obssessed...). The left side of the Dreadnought is totally unadorned.
The base is a 60mm resin base.


Sean said...

Now that AT-43 and Rackham are (sadly) as dead as a doornail, their figures and vehicles can be bought quite cheaply online and make great fodder for some cool WH40K conversions. I've been snatching up a few myself...UNA walkers get retrofitted to become Leman Russes on legs, for instance.

My plan was to use a box of Red Blok Kolossus as a Killa Kan mob, but your SM Dreadnought variation looks really cool and brutal, kinda like the rounded, pre-Heresy "Contemptor" that Forge World recently released, and I'm tempted to change my mind. Decisions, decisions...

Gotta love conversions! They stretch both your creativity and your gaming budget.

captain arjun said...

The Kolossus box set is cheap, but the Fire Toads can still be expensive.

The Kolossus do look like the RT era Imperial Dreadnought.

One candidate for a Venerable Dreadnought that can also be had cheap is the Warzone Vulkan's Fist.