Sunday, May 01, 2011

Random Sunday shots

Here is the second quad of my Space Marines force. As with the first squad, I have a sergeant with a bolt pitsol and a close-combat weapon, and a heavy weapon, in this case a missile-launcher.

The sergeant is a metal figure, but used to hold a bolter - I asked a friend for a spare chainsword and he gave me one from his Death Company sprue, and it looks quite the part. Once again you can see my Marines' unhealthy obsession with skulls and death...

The torso of the Marine holding the missile-launcher is 'original', but the arms are from a more recent set, and so they do not fit exactly. I also had to do the squad number on the shoulder-pad freehand as I could not find my decals.

The long weekend also allowed me to complete my unit of goblin Warg riders for my fantasy Strandhogg project. I bought two more warg riders off ebay to round the warband up to 8, and added a flag to one of the riders. I thought for a long time on what the banner should look like, and eventually settled for the pictogram of a wolf's head and a few runes.

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