Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blood Bowl Game 1

In an eleventh hour (literally) decision, FG and I played a game of Blood Bowl this afternoon.

It was just going to be the two of us for the session, and I proposed a two-player hot-seat game on the computer version, until I realised that you couldn't create your own team or keep them; fortunately, I have been playing quite a bit of the game against the AI and I decided to give it a go with the tabletop version.

We played a league to completion a few years back and we both liked the game enough to make our own pitches, dugouts, and paint not just one team with all the support staff (coach, cheerleaders, mascots...), but went on to paint another team. However, we didn't actually play any BB until today.

Anyway, here are my Egyptian-themed Undead team (yes, Undead, not Khemri) and dugout. The skeletons are skeletons, the mummy is a zombie, and the bird-headed guys mummies.

Now FG didn't bring his Nurgle team, but he did bring his stash of prepainted Heroscape figures, and we proxied a team using them. I still had my starting roster from way back when, and FG quickly drew up a new team and we were good to go.

I won the coin toss and chose to receive first. With only a few players having the Block skill, things didn't go too fast and we only had one KO (a skellie) in the first half. I managed to slip three players past the Nurgle line but they were quickly surrounded. I made two passes but both times the receivers failed their Catch roll.

Fortunately, most of the Nurgle team players were in tackle zones of my players (and nobody had the Dodge skill at this point in time) and Black Khanum (a wight - yes confusing, I know...) managed to pick up the loose ball and score on the sixth turn.

Due to time constraints we didn't manage to play the second half, but the great thing about a grid-based game is that we can pick up where we paused the game another day.

We're planning a 'Best of 7' series, which should hopefully see more varied skills amongst the players and make the game faster and bloodier.


Sean said...

What you and Paul from the Man Cave have posted about Blood Bowl has got me interested in playing a game. I played it once back in the 90's and regret not buying it then. I'm thinking about a low cost alternative.


captain arjun said...


That's the problem with wargaming blogs... they are infectious!

Frankly I think I got back into BB because of all these other blogs too...

Here's our old BB blog:

There's a 'How we do it' group on the right-hand side-bar that tells you how we scratchbuilt our pitches and simple dugouts.

I thnik I will write a post on this...