Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Movement Trays

With a few dozen figures painted, I decided I would make myself a few movement trays. The many movement trays available on the market are good, but they can be expensive. After considering a few materials, I settled on styrene sheets and strips.

I chose the Sidewalk sheet because it comes pre-scored with grids. By scoring lightly along these gridlines, I could snap the pieces off and end up with a base with perfect straight lines and right angles. The rectangular cross-sectioned strips were chosen over the square ones because I wanted my trays to have a narrow and tall lip. Using a pair of clippers, it was easy to cut these at right angles.

As the material is styrene,they can be glued together using the same Tamiya glue that I used for the figures. I glued the strips to the reverse side of the base, which is smooth. And there you have it.

A coat of primer and paint and some flocking on the lips and we're ready.

The sheet costs about US$8 and the strips about US$5, and will give two 5 x 4 infantry trays and two 5 x 1 cavalry trays. I'll probably need another sheet for the whole army, but the numbers seem good.


Rodger said...


fatgoblin said...

neer occured to me to flip the sheets over! you are brilliant!

captain arjun said...

Well, until I bought that thing I didn't know there was a smooth side.