Thursday, December 06, 2012

Vexillia does it again!

Allow me to go in a roundabout, rambling fashion as I did last time...

After last weekend's game of Warhammer Fantasy I decided to read more about my army... and I realised that I have completely missed the fact that The Empire has a new army book/codex. That's right, despite the new griffon models the size of a real pigeon and the ridiculous telescope and planetarium on wheels, my mind did not make the connection that: hey! new models = new rules = new codex!

Anyway, that made me decide to get a copy of the new army book (which Adrian got for me yesterday - thanks, bro).

Truth be told I don't actually like the list that much, since I model my army after the WOTR period, and all the shiny bits that make an Empire army powerful - the magic, the priests and fanatics, the monsters - don't really gel with my fluff. I am not even allowed to field massed ranks of longbowmen (although this has always been the case)!

I reckon to hit the points I need I will have to fill out the ranks with foot-sloggers, perhaps another box of Perry plastics, and to give my infantry more bite I will need to bulk out my unit of Greatsword - fully-armoured knights/men-at-arms with two-handed weapons. Now unfortunately the Perry plastic boxed sets only come with 4 of these per box (out of 40 torsos), and they only have 6 attack poses for the metal ones. After some browsing, I settled for the Mirliton figures, which I have used and which fit with the Perry figures, and sent an order off to Vexillia earlier this afternoon.

When I came home from work, I found an email acknowledging my order and telling me the figures have been dispatched, and another email from Paypal telling me that Vexillia has made a partial refund on my order as the actual postage is less than what their site calculated.

That's probably the first time I received a partial refund for postage.

Thanks, Martin.


Anonymous said...

No problem. All part of the service.

captain arjun said...

And that's good service. :)