Friday, June 21, 2013

Hasslefree Ceril

Well, it took about three hours, and here he is:

I wanted to model the figure after Prince Nuada from the Hellboy movie, so I asked fg to sculpt a sash for me.

fg pointed out to me that the real Nuada had a glowing sword, so I attempted to paint the sword so.

I think I got the colours about right, but this figure looks very different from the movie character largely (I think) due to the difference in the shape of the faces. The movie Nuada had a broader, shorter face.

It's still a rather intimidating figure though, and I think I will field him as Bres.

Now should I get myself a Balor figure?

Oblique view, showing the glowing sword.


Sean said...

Cool figure. I like how the sword came out.

Simon Q said...

Nice job, I never really put two and two together as to who he is but noe i've seen how you've painted him and mentioned its twigged. I don't think its a bad effort I imagine perhaps its more a IP thing to much 'like' something and you risk getting slapped.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, guys.

I don't think he was sculpted to be the movie character, but fg and I googled around and I thought he was the closest to him.

Would be nice to add other creatures from that movie to my collection. :)