Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ottoman Dreadnought

Ottoman Kanuni Class Dreadnought

It took a few months, but I finally painted everything except the tiny flyer tokens from my Ottoman Naval Support Group box set.

The word kanuni translates as "lawgiver", and was a title of Suleiman the Magnificent. I take the liberty of interpreting that to mean that the ships of the class are named after past sultans, and named my ship the Yavuz Selim, a name which I think is suitably intimidating.

The entire support group (minus tiny flyer tokens) on its shakedown cruise.
Also completed but not shown previously are the two Sinop Class Armoured Cruisers, seen flanking the Yavuz Selim above. Sinop is the name of a Turkish province, a city, as well as a naval battle fought there. I decided to name the ships in the class after Ottoman cities and named my two cruisers the Izmir and the Iznik, both of which I have visited and enjoyed.

Next on the painting list is a dwarf miner from Scibor, and hopefully a dozen dwarf footmen from Red Box Games after that for my Riot campaign.


Michael Mills said...

Rather fine sir. The dread is very nice indeed.

fatgoblin said...

its hard to appreciate how big all those stuff are like that.

cool stuff...

captain arjun said...

Thank you, gents.

Stephen Holmes said...

Beautiful livery, and excellent detailing.

I'm sure they will impress the enemy.