Sunday, August 17, 2014

Otherworld Female Human Cleric

I've always liked the way the Otherworld figures look, so when I wanted a leader for my flail-wielding female fanatics, I was happy to find that the female cleric from their range seems to fit the look.

I cut off the religious symbol she was holding in her left hand and replaced it with a chalice from a Blood Angel bit I had (knew those would come in handy one day!) to fit the theme of the unit. You can see her posed with the rest of the girls below.

I am also slowly "finishing" 60 skaven figures I bought off ebay. These came either partially painted or just primed, but already assembled. I started this project on the advice of my brother, who suggested that I might get to actually use my armies if I helped my opponents to paint theirs. Skavens are actually rather cheap on ebay, so I decided to follow his advice. The paint scheme is based on that chosen by Thomas, our skaven player. They are actually rather easy to do, and a lot of fun to paint too.

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Simon Quinton said...

Nicely done. I do love the Adventurers range. I have half a dozen to paint at some point.