Saturday, November 08, 2014

Warrior Priest

On of the most fun characters one can field in a Warhammer (The) Empire army is the warrior priest. I have previously used a generic leader figure for my warrior priest, but I decided to paint two dedicated figures to represent the character when I got my box of Perry Foot Knights.

The two figures above are made up of the torso and arms from the Perry Foot Knights box, with the shield coming from the European Mercenaries box. The heads are from the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors box set, which I got on a bits trade. I thought the bald and bearded look made the figure look distinctive, especially once I gave him flaming hair. The "traditional" Warhammer warrior priests comes bald wearing a circlet and shaven, so my version looks more like a priest of Ulric, but no matter.

I made two versions of the same character because I have two "builds" for him: one for leading my Greatswords when my general is mounted, and one to lead my unit of swordsmen if my general is on foot (and leading the Greatswords himself); a third option is to field him and the general with the Greatswords in one single unit, which looks excessive.

I now have another 20-plus foot knights to go through, including the Battle Standard Bearer - hopefully I can complete him this weekend.


Simon Quinton said...

Both look great his beard and hair colour make him stand out nicely.

Rodger said...

He looks great, very nice work!

captain arjun said...

Thanks,gents. :)

Stephen Holmes said...

It's observed that popular culture reduces religious figures to either amusing, or terrifying. This guy scores very high on the second count.

He bears a startling resemblance to an old reenactor friend who made a brief appearance as an extra in Russell Crowe's Robin Hood.

If you freeze the frames you may notice a large man with a generous ginger beard being run through by Mister Crowe.