Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SAGA - LOTR Edition

fg bought a copy of SAGA: The Crescent and the Cross and we tried the rules using some Lord of the Rings battleboards that he found.

We set up a 4 point game using his Gondor troops and my Moria goblins.

The warbands face off in the ruins of Osgiliath.

The men of Gondor push the goblin archers from their cover behind the low wall and advance!

A goblin counter-attack force the warlord to a corner.

The warlord cuts down a troll... with a little help.

I have read about SAGA but have not had a chance to play it. I had imagined that the game is a bit "gamey", relying on the right combo of dice to perform some super-action that wins the game for you. In reality one seldom has the chance to wait for the right combination of dice to come up as he is constantly under attack by the opposing side.

Still, as a skirmish game I didn't find it substantively different or superior to the other ones we have been playing. Perhaps some of the new rules in The Crescent and the Cross may make the game more interesting?

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