Monday, May 04, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Game 3

A warm welcome for the party!
fg and I played Game 3 of our dungeon crawl campaign yesterday.

This particular scenario (and to a large extent the whole campaign) is based on the old D&D module "Red Hand of Doom".

After the last scenario, the party learn that the goblins are gathering allies to launch a massive attack on the human settlements in the region. One of these is a lich who has been sealed up in his dungeon by an order of monks long time ago.

The party travel to the monastery to learn that they were attacked by goblin raiders who carried away their dead a few days ago. Following the tracks of the goblins, they arrive at the entrance of the dungeon to find that the holy seal on the doors have been broken.

They enter the dungeon, fight off a horde of zombies, defeat the lich's two lieutenants, but find themselves too weary to defeat him. Impressed by their abilities, the lich offers them a deal: he had been blackmailed into providing an undead army for the goblins, who somehow came into possession of his phylactery (or horcrux); if the party recovers his phylactery, not only will he not provide the goblins with an army, he will fight on their side.

With no means to defeat the lich for good, the party agrees.

Surely no harm can come from digging around this pit of bones...


Instead of using a randomly-generated dungeon, I used the Temple of Abaddon battlemap from Lord Zse Zse Works I bought earlier for our RPG campaign.

The whole dungeon laid out.

After the game, we played another game of Imperial Assault. The Rebels win their first game. I suspect I am not using the reinforcements as I am supposed to...

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