Sunday, June 28, 2015

West Wind War & Empire figures and Tajima1 diorama tufts

I didn't really need more figures for my Attalid Pergamene force, but when the West Wind War & Empire figures were released for general purchase, I thought I would get a couple of packs to see what they look like since I still had space for two units in the tin I keep the Pergamenes in.

The unit bears the snake motif, which is associated with Asklepios, whose shrine at Pergamon was famous in the classical world.

The first unit is a unit of Successor Agema armoured cavalry. I based eight of them on an Impetus-size base in a wedge.

The motif on the flag came from a Pergamene coin. I am not sure what it represents but I painted it in plant colours.

The other unit is a unit of Successor Thorakitai, which I manged to squeeze 14 figures of onto an Impetus sized based in two ranks.

The details on the figures are in my opinion average, and their size is smaller than that of Xyston figures, which make up the rest of my force. As usual, if they are in a unit of their own, the difference is not that noticeable.

L: West Wind War & Empire, R: Xyston 

L: West Wind War & Empire, R: Xyston 

I also took the opportunity to use something I have purchased recently: diorama tufts from Tajima1 Miniature.

Tufts are by now commonplace, but Tajima1 goes one step further and offers mini diorama tufts which incorporate not only grass, but also small shrubbery and cork rocks.

The one I used for the cavalry unit above is from the "Floral Diorama" set:

(picture from Tajima1 Miniatures)

I also bought their "Desert Diorama" set, because I am working on some terrain for my desert mat and thought they might come in useful:

(picture from Tajima1 Miniatures)

They may not be cheap (8 pounds for 16 tufts per pack), but they do produce a very nice result quickly. Do get a pack and try them out if you work with large bases.


Phil said...

Absolutly excellent : paint job is great (nice 'Pergamene coin' flag!), and bases beautiful and realistic, these Dioramaa sets are amazing...

Rodger said...

Wonderful results on these guys and great basing!