Monday, March 21, 2016

Legio Heroica 15mm Late Imperial Romans

I apologise for not posting anything other than the Giveaways for the past two months, but as I mentioned in my New Year post, I have gotten back into RPGs and GMing, which really takes up a lot of time and focus. I realised that I don't multi-task too well when it comes to gaming too: when my mind is on RPG, my wargaming suffers.

Sadly, RPGs don't make interesting blog posts, unless you are into session reports or "actual plays".

The figures in the photos are Legio Heroica 15mm Late Romans. They don't look as good as the ones in the photos on the Legio Heroica website, and the fault is all mine. Thank godness for Little Big Men Studios decals.

The 4 units represent my share of the Roman-Sassanid Wars project the four of us in the group are working on. We are using the Dux Bellorum-Impetus mash-up rules, and we are planning to use the deep formation rule which allows the rear unit of archers to shoot counting from the front edge.

I had a rather hard time painting these figures, despite the relatively small figure count. There was quite a bit of flash of them, and the fiddly pattern on the tunics didn't make it any easier either.

Next on my painting list are 24 figures from Iron Wind Metals: a dozen chaos warriors and a dozen chaos archers - heavily armoured archers holding spiked bows are hard to find, but they exist. These were bought primarily for my RPGs to represent Hurlocks in my Dragon Age game as well as Drakkarim in my planned Lone Wolf game, but it will be an easy task to stat them for a fantasy skirmish game like Strandhogg or Dragon Rampant.

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