Monday, April 25, 2016

PSC SdKfz 251/10 and Roden SdKfz 234/1

I pray-painted the camouflage on these two models along with the two SPGs in January this year, but have only just gotten around to doing the weathering and crew for them.

The first is a Plastic Soldier Company SdKfz 251/10. The loader figures comes from PSC, while the figures with the SMG and MG are from AB Figures. The decals are from Peddinghaus,

The kit was a quick and easy build. The crew compartment is rather cramped, and even though I have several other crew figures, I couldn't find a way to fit them all into the vehicle.

The second vehicle is the Roden SdKfz 234/1.

I chose this one after reading a few reviews of the kits available out there, partly because I was intrigued by the fact that the anti-grenade screen is made with a sheet of mesh which came inside the kit.

As it turned out this is more of a modeler's kit than a wargamer's kit. The mesh wasn't easy to use. The turret MG and 20mm gun are fully detailed, as is the internal compartment. The wheels were a nightmare to assemble and fit onto the chassis, as they are made with a softer, more flexible material, presumably to allow the modeler to model the vehicle on undulating ground, which will show off the individual suspension of the vehicle. In my case what it ended up as was saggy wheels, which fortunately is not very obvious at tabletop distance and point of view.

With these models done I am temporarily out of WW2 vehicles to assemble or paint. I am waiting for PSC to release their German trucks in 1/72, whereupon I will purchase a box along with their RSO tractor.


Dannoc said...

Great paint job especially like the cammo.

Rodger said...

I really like these. Very nice work!

fatgoblin said...

mud on the wheels are nice!

Clint said...

Very nice. I can even see "water and tan" como on the troops as well. Pretty tricky to do well at any scale. Yet you have

captain arjun said...

Thanks, gents. :)

The Kiwi said...

Really good painting. Great job. cheers