Monday, January 02, 2017

Frostgrave Barbarians and Shaman

Here are the Frostgrave barbarians from the box set plus the shaman from the Nickstarter. I started painting them in November or December, but only completed them when I powered through 9 figures in a single sitting yesterday, so I guess they count as the first completed project for the year.

I painted them with white-and-black body paint to represent Avvar barbarians in the Dragon Age world - the next arc of my RPG campaign will be set in The Frostback Mountains and feature the Avvars.

I am not quite sure the decision to paint them with the body paint was a correct one - the computer game version looked more striking because they had white-and-black clothing too; these just look like KISS fans or cast of a Chinese opera. Still, what's done is done, and at least they will be used in my Dragon Age RPG game, and can be used as a generic fantasy barbarian warband whenever I need one. Or Dunlending in fg's Middle Earth RPG.

With these done I can move on to the next project, which will be either the Warzone Imperial Regulars (40 plastic figures, one metal hero figure, a Robogear T-Rex walker, plus maybe a conversion project using the plastic M1117?) or the 20 Black Hat crossbow-armed dwarves which I ordered 5 weeks ago if they arrive in the next two weeks.

The Warzone project is set to become a major project for me this year as, despite the figure-count being only 41 plus one or two vehicles, the ancillary requirements in terms of terrain will be significant; already I have placed orders for card buildings, MDF building and building dressings, resin urban barricade sections, and bought other cheap toys and hardware bits to use for scratch-building purposes. Stay tuned.


Stephen Holmes said...

A scary looking bunch of guys.

I think the black/white works well.
It's not overpowering, yet contrasts the browns in their clothing.
Traditional flesh colours would likely have been lost among all that brown.

The Kiwi said...

Looks really good. Excellent painting in these fans of norwegian black metal.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, gents. Now I will never be able to look at these guys without thinking about Norwegian metal. :(

Adrian Tan said...

very nice bro! its quite amazing how fast you can paint!

Roark said...

Finally, I get to see a whole unit of these great minis painted up! Love your work mate. Really dig the warpaint.