Sunday, January 07, 2018

em4 Future Skirmish Savages and Micro Art Studio bases

Here are the seven em4 Miniatures Future Skirmish "Savages" figures I painted over the past couple of weeks. They were passed to me by fg (along with several other post-apocalyptic type figures) when I asked if he had any figures suitable for the short Gamma World RPG campaign I had planned. As usual, he had many. I went through his box of figures and picked out seven I liked, and as it turned out they all came from the same range. Despite their age, these sculpts are still some of the best I have seen.

I painted them as a gang with some sort of a Native American theme, dressed in ripped jeans or military surplus, and using red as a gang colour, either in the form of a red bandana tied somewhere on their persons, or as face paint.

Other than serving as the bad guys for my Gamma World campaign, they may also form the core of a Necromunda gang. Fg has bought the new Necromunda box set, so as soon as he has a gang painted and we have learned the rules, we should be ready to start a campaign.

Other than the figures themselves, one of the things that I was rather excited about were the Mirco Art Studios "corregidor" bases I bought for the figures. As you can see from the photo above, they are an interesting match for the Battle Systems Shanty Town buildings I bought. Sure, the hatching on the metal plates are different, but it would have been too much to ask for for them to be an exact match.

You can't really tell from the photo (I certainly couldn't when looking at the photos when shopping for them) the bases are more 3D than they look, as in there is a "drop" of around 2mm between the "floor" part of the base and the "grille" part of the base, which can present a bit of a problem when basing "slotta" figures, which have both feet at the same level.

Now seven figures may not be enough for a Necromunda gang, at least not if I expect it to expand, so if you know of any Native American-themed futuristic/post-apocalyptic figures, so let me know in the comments.



Simon Quinton said...

The whole range has some gems in. Sculpted originally by Mark Copplestone for Grenadier. They paint up really well. Working my way through the same group of savages myself at the moment.

Dannoc said...

Great looking figures and I've always liked the look of micro art bases.