Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Overcoming Perry Paralysis

One down... 39 more to go. Well, 49 if you count the other figures that I have bought or traded to form this army.

Like many other wargamers, I was daunted when I opened my box of Perry WOTR Infantry; they came at less than S$1 per figure, so I guess one didn't really... expect so much from them. But the sheer prospect of having to remove more than a hundred parts from a sprue, deflash them, decide in what combination to assemble them, whether or not to paint the arms before gluing them to the bodies... Add to that the fact that I will be priming them in white rather than black like I have for the past decades, it all becomes rather overwhelming.

Now the reason why I am priming with white for this project is because yellow forms half of the livery for my troops. I could have chosen a colour scheme that works with black primer, but I decided to use the coat-of-arms of a family whose name a long-time friend shares. The musician in the picture above sports that livery, the banner, as well as the badge for the nobleman.

Admittedly the painting barely makes 'wargames standard', but I am hoping that after a dozen figures I will get better at painting them - if not, there is always the 'mass effect' to fall back on.

With one command figure done, I feel a little relieved. I plan to paint the figures in small batches of 6 or so of the same torso type. The whole project will take me a few months though, but hopefully I can have a game with them before the year ends.

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