Friday, July 15, 2011

Strandhogg Fantasy Game 3: Ambush!

Last month Adrian and I played a scenario from Warhammer Fantasy Skimish using the Strandhogg rules. Here are the pictures he took on his iPhone.

The dwarves find themselves in an ambush!

A goblin warband flanks the dwarves.

The goblins form an attack wedge against the dwarven shieldwall.

In the shieldwall formation the dwarves can be quite tough, but massed archery does take its toll nonetheless.

The dwarves have generally come off worse in our games, but that's probably because I tend to field mostly the unarmoured Rangers. Now that I have beefed up my Warriors warbands and created a Huscarl warband, I want to see how they do in a Hastings type scenario against the goblins. Hopefully I can do that this weekend.


Rodger said...

Very nice looking game. We played our first game of Strandhogg on Wednesday night. I think a great success.

captain arjun said...

Glad to hear there are others playing it too.

Like I mentioned I think more can be done to differentiate between the weapon types - right now carrying a shield is always the best option.

I'm planning another game of Strandhogg this coming Sunday with my modified rules - stay tuned!