Thursday, August 04, 2011

Amera Ruin

It's done.

It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be - the material is quite easy to work with.

I trimmed the edge of the piece and applied white glue on the slopes of the hill and in corners and crevices of the ruin, sprinkled some sand and gravel over the piece, then sprayed the whole thing black.

The slopes are then painted in red brown and highlighted in yellow brown.

The ruin itself is painted medium grey and then highlighted with light grey. I then washed the whole thing with Vallejo Smoke. Flock is then applied around the edges, at the interface between stone and earth, as well as on parts of the slope.

My friends and I are planning to use it in a game this weekend.


Thomas Than said...

Woohoo!!! Very niceeee!! :D

Amera Plastic Mouldings said...

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captain arjun said...


Please feel free to link to my pictures and posts; your products are great and I hope more wargamers can learn about them.