Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saxon Tents

I tried to post this on Dan's blog but some glitch prevented me from doing so, so I decided to just post the info here since Dan reads my blog too.

I was searching for "Saxon tents" and managed to find a couple of sites with templates for making them, and I thought with a little work they can be used for make paper or cardboard tents in wargaming scales too:

(from Ydalir Viking)


Rodger said...

Very cool and handy. Thanks for posting.

Dan said...

Thanks for the templates I'll have to see if I can make any of those work before I go spending money on tents!

captain arjun said...

It should - I printed out the second one and cut it out during lunchtime and made myself a usable tent for 25mm in just a few minutes! Just cut the tent flaps a little closer so the crossbeam on top is more prominent.

For a more refined job, you'll probably want to print the template out, glue to to a piece of card, and then cut the whole thing out, and maybe decorate or paint the card side a little.