Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dux Britaniarum Game 2: Raiding a Wagon Train

After his initial setback some of the goblins deserted, but Badzur managed to convince a band of Dunlending to join him, and in the month of April he once again launched a raid into Enedwaith.

His scouts brought him the news of a small convoy of supplies coming from the north, and he planned an ambush at a river crossing...

Ruk springs the surprise on the allies!
Belegon orders his men to form a shieldwall while Thorgaut guards his flank. While Ruk demonstrates against the shieldwall, Badzur leads a furious charge against the levy guarding the mule train, routing them from the field.
The Allies are bested in the first clash of battlelines, and Belegon orders the men to retreat towards the crossing, where they are joined by levies sallying forth from the border fort. The orcs capture the mule train!

Separated from the men of Gondor, the dwarves fend off the orc assault and eventually rejoin their allies.

As it turned out the random terrain movement and scenario generation favoured the orcs this game: we rolled a river with a single crossing and the orcs enter the tabletop right where the convoy was.

In my first attack I played all five cards in my hand: Carpe Diem, Strong Arm, Bounding Move, Aggressive Charge, and Fear, which routed the levy guarding the mules and making possible their subsequent capture.

The first clash between the two battlelines went in my favour, and the Allies withdrew to reform. After that we spent two turns staring at each other while I moved the mules off the table.

The raid saw moderate losses on both sides: the orcs lost 11 men and the allies 16. More Dunlending joined Badzur, and in the month of May he once again launched a raid into Enedwaith, but was unopposed as Belegon chose to rebuild his strength over confronting them in his weakened state.

As this was our second game, things played faster. We hope to get the third game of the campaign in soon.

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Sean said...

I like this LotR themed campaign with Dux Britanniarum. Looks like it works pretty well.