Thursday, February 21, 2013

Olde Towne

With fg investing in one of the upcoming VSF Kickstarters, we decided to get down to he business of recreating the Victorian urbanscape on table.

After some discussion, we remembered that we have the Streets and Sewers of Malifuax sets, which provided a base for the tabletop. For the buildings themselves we are tending towards card buildings, not just due to costs reasons but also storage space. After experimenting with some of the fantasy buildings I have, I've streamlined by process to gluing just the four walls onto a mounting board, cutting them out, and then taping them together with masking tape, leaving the last joint free so the whole piece can be stored flat - assembly will be made with the aid of an L-clip from the Malifaux set.

Then yesterday, while browsing at the local art supplies store, I found a new material: 1mm PVC foam board. It has a non porous surface, cuts more easily than cardboard, and looks like it may be more durable. An A3 sized sheet costs only S$1.75 and is just enough for a building.

Today, acting on a tip-off from a TMP discussion thread, I bought the Olde Towne set from Stoelzel's Structures. It looked expensive at US$12, but the pdf is 461 pages long and the way the graphics are organised fit my mode of operation (even if it can be a bit hard to scroll through all those pages to find the page you want).

I printed out the required pages, glued them to the foam board, cut them out (some slips there - I'll be more careful in the future), disguised the edges with a brown marker, and made this:

Each of the graphics come in three shades: daylight, night-time, and monochrome night-time - a blue overcast look to simulate movie darkness. The one shown above is the night-time version, which is darker in real life but looked bright when I as viewing it off my monitor...

Sadly, I didn't have any of my VSF figures handy to pose next to it.

The ground is a tile from the streets of Malifaux set.

The building doesn't look much on its own, but I believe once we have the numbers we can have a rather nice stage for our VSF games.


Ubique Matt said...

Good looking model, clever method of construction. Will be good to see the buildings en masse.


Stoelzel's Structures said...

Hi, I'm the designer. I'm glad you are enjoying Olde Towne. I have just posted an update on Wargame's Vault for this product. In the new version the file is split across three files, and with new book marks to help navigate a bit easier. You can freely update your file from the library section on WV. Enjoy the building, and Hope you will check out out forum at some time.

captain arjun said...

Thank you for the tip - I'll look it up when I get home.