Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Valkyries done

I managed to paint up the valkyries in two evenings.

They were nice sculpts to paint. I used a similar palette to that I used for the dwarves and Thor, and gave them raven wings instead of swan wings. The one with the braids *had* to be a blonde, and the other one became a redhead because we all know pre-Raphaelite women are all redheads. They have blue and green eyes respectively - not that you can tell at this scale... . Curiously, while they don't seem to have a need for warm clothing, they are wearing furred boots. Or maybe the boots are what's keeping them warm.

A rear shot showing the wing details and the gemming on the sword.
Finally, here's a shot showing the runic bases from Fantascape. I guess I should paint the sides of the base brown to match the rest of the force.


Ubique Matt said...

Lovely paintjob Arjunn, they certainly look robust young ladies!


captain arjun said...

Thanks, Matt.

If Brigade Games releases more of them with Celtos 2, I may just get a couple more...