Sunday, October 06, 2013

When the gods conspire

I'm usually a rather cautious about starting new armies, and will ponder over the issue for weeks if not months. But sometimes the gods conspire against you, and if reading the Iliad has taught me anything, it is that you can't fight the will of the gods...

It all started when I was doing some reading about the Norse gods when I found that that Thor is the patron god for the peasant class, while Odin is the god of the warrior class. This prompted me to search for a suitable figure for Odin.

I decided on a Mithril 32mm Gandalf figure, as I wanted to represent the Wanderer aspect of Odin rather than his warrior aspect. I went on ebay and found that the seller offering the lowest price for the figure was also the one who had the lowest price on the Wargods of Aegyptus Harbinger of Set figure I had been watching; since I was paying the postage, I decided to get the figure too, as I already have these:

These are the latest line of resin bases from Fantascape, which I decided to buy when I got the bases for my Norse warband since they looked really nice. I had so much fun painting the large chariot base that I think it may turn into a new hobby for me; it will be the movement tray for the Egyptian spearmen in my OGAM Egyptian warband. The sloping surface on the 40mm base is a good match for the pose of the Harbinger of Set figure.

The round bases came in a set of three. The last one is quite nice but I don't have any figure posed to take advantage of it, and so I used it as the centre piece of the movement tray for the archers in my OGAM Egyptian warband.

I ordered a pack of Foundry Egyptian spearmen and one of Egyptian archers, and plan to get the Great Mummy figure from Northstar's OGAM Nickstarter. I really love the crown on that figure. When all those figures are painted, I will have myself a full Egyptian faction for OGAM.

You would think that the gods would be appeased with my spending and give me a break, but...

While looking at Redoubt's page, I found that not only are they planning a Christmas sale soon, they will also be increasing their prices come next year. This means that I will have to buy the Trojan warband which I have been thinking about this year. When I do, I will end up with all four factions in the basic OGAM rulebook.

The gods must be laughing at me right now...

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