Sunday, June 08, 2014

Warhammer Game 2

A dwarven unit is raked by enfilade fire as it marches across the Empire battleine.
Adrian and I played a 900-point game of Warhammer this afternoon. Actually, we played two - we forgot the rules and played it wrong the first time and so played it a second time since we still had time.

A dwarf miner unit that has erupted behind the Empire line is attacked in the flank by a unit of Knights.
The Warhammer system has so many special rules and it is hard for us to remember all of them since we only play them once in a while. Hopefully with a few more games under our belts we can play a perfect game in the future.


Sean said...

Great looking figures and table. What edition of the rules were you playing? Just curious, I'm not into edition wars.

captain arjun said...

8th Edition, which is the last edition we plan to get into. :)