Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yet more CoC terrain

So far my CoC project has been frustrated first by a packing error on the part of the merchant, which required a re-shipment, and the incompetence (and I suspect sheer dishonesty) of my local postal worker. This means that the whole project will be at least 8 weeks behind schedule, which frankly makes me quite unhappy.

Still, we must soldier on, and I spent the time building our terrain collection. Here are the results:

From L to R: Italeri wire obstacle frame with Pegasus Hobbies barbed wire, Fujimi Dragon's teeth, Italerie Czech Hedgehog.

Wills Barn (SS30) with Nikolai (ACC09) medieval cart, scratch-built log pile, and Noch Abandoned Fences (13060).

Closer view of the barn.


Sean said...

Sorry to hear about the delay, but the terrain you have looks great. Always a pleasure to see your games.

Ubique Matt said...

Very nice, realistic looking terrain.