Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fimli and Grodo

I like dungeon crawl games - they are like the comfort food of wargaming.

fg and I are planning to have dungeon crawl campaign using the Savage Worlds rules and some dungeon tiles I ordered (yes, I know I have already got several...).

We are each going to run two characters. fg is going to run an elven prince and a human witch, and I will be running a halfling thief and a dwarven fighter.

I am calling them Grodo and Fimli until I can think of better names for them.

Grodo is a GW LOTR Merry from the boxed set. Or maybe Pippin - I can't tell the two apart in the book or the movie, much less in miniatures form. I have made him a thief who is curious, greedy, and big-mouthed, so he is definitely one of those people you don't want to hang around.

Fimli is also from the GW LOTR range, in this case one of the Iron Guards. Fimli I am planning to make a dual-wielding mercenary who is arrogant, stubborn, but loyal, which explains why he hangs around Grodo. Fimli is a rather successful mercenary, which explains his fancy kit.

And while we are on the topic of halflings, I learnt about this little beauty from Westfalia Miniatures.

I think he will find a place in my unit of crossbowmen.

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fatgoblin said...

What do you get when you put together a honourable elf, arrogant dwarf, curious hobbit and a clueless human?