Friday, April 17, 2015


One of the two things that make a night goblin army so irresistible to me are the squigs. The squig models from GW can be expensive though, so I decided to use the 'War Haggises' from Black Hat Miniatures as a substitute. They look like a cross between GW squigs and the jib jib from Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

A jib jib, apparently Steve Jackson's favourite creature in all his Fighting Fantasy books.

I have also used 'normal' night goblins as herders instead of the official herder miniatures.

With this unit completed, my All-Night Goblin army is ready save for a unit of squig hoppers fg will be painting. Once I get the movement trays made I will pose them for a group shot.

Next up are a unit of 40 clanrats to refurbish...


Michael Mills said...

Absolutely wonderful! I think the proxy figures work a treat.

Stephen Holmes said...

They are adorable. I'd love to keep a few in my garden.

captain arjun said...

They will certainly keep the neighbour's dog off your lawn!