Monday, July 20, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Game 4

fg and I played the fourth game in the Dungeoncrawl campaign on Sunday.

Acting on the information from the lich and the villagers, the party decided to mount a raid on the goblin's lair to try to recover the phylactery. A couple of doughty villagers join the party in the dangerous quest...

The party attempt to set up a perimeter around the fleet-footed Halfling while he grabs the treasure tokens.

A brave villager falls afoul of the goblin chief (mounted on a giant gecko).

The goblin chief attempts to run off with the phylactery while his bugbear bodyguard covers his retreat. The bugbear is cut down and the party manage to recover the phylactery.

We also watched Mad Max: Fury Road for the purpose of "research" for our planned "Mad Max" type of game. After some googling the current plan is to use Axles and Alloys 2 with the vehicles from the Dropzone Commander Resistance faction. Some of the vehicles in this faction look like they are designed for Mad Max, and at 10/12mm scale we can probably change the ground scale and have a bigger area to play on.

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