Sunday, July 26, 2015

Warriors of Rohan unit 1

We have had the Warriors of Rohan figures for years - I say "we" because I can't remember who these figures belong to; I know for a fact I did not buy them, so they are either from wahj or fg, and were passed to me as part of some gaming plans we must have had many years ago...

Anyway, after our last Strandhogg game when Martin brought some of his Gripping Beast figures, fg decided to buy some Dark Age figures from Footsore Miniatures and Saxon Miniatures, and Martin and I naturally tagged along. I figured this was the push I needed to finally paint up the Rohirrim.

My order was very small - just a few figures to allow me to build three "squads" of troops together with the plastic LOTR figures I already have. The unit shown above is the first of these. The leader figure is from Footsore (ex-Musketeer) Miniatures. He is visibly larger than the LOTR plastic figures (which, although excellent figures in their time, do show their age compared to the plastic figures available these days), but painted in the same limited palette and based on a slightly thinner base he blends in. The standard bearer is a quick conversion - a hand swap on a Rohirrim swordsman - and the image for the banner came from a quick google search. I have put red flowers tufts on the bases to identify them as one unit, as I plan to paint the whole warband in the exact same few colours.

Over the next few weeks I hope to paint up the remaining warbands, after which a couple other new projects will await my attention.


Rodger said...

Lovely brushwork!

Stephen Holmes said...

Nice paint job.
These guys would look good in a shieldwall, or a looser impetuous charge.

I've read that Tolkien used the Mercian Anglo-Saxon dialect for the Rohirrim.
These are an excellent collection of fierce looking Thegns.