Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Dropzone Commander Resistance bikes

I completed the six bikes from Dropzone Commander today - you can still see the glue on the front wheel of the bike on the right. The bike models come with an integral tabs on one of the wheels, which are meant to fit into the holes on the supplied base. As the base size approximates that which we are using for the cars, I decided to use them instead of cutting the tabs off. I based the bikes along the base to match the axis of the cars.

They are very detailed, and have some nice touches, such as a jerry can strapped to each bike, and a bunch of anti-tank magnetic mines on the side of each rider.

Axles and Alloys do not have rules for bikes, but they are too cool to not include in our project. I reckon I can stat them as Light vehicles with 3 Light weapons and only 3 Hits and see how that turns out.

I also managed to spray and "rust" about a dozen Z scale cars I bought off ebay, which will become terrain pieces for the game.

These came 20 in a bag for less than US$5 delivered. I chose the Z scale ones (9mm scale) as they most approximate the scale of Dropzone Commander (10mm); the seller also has them in larger scales, up to 1:75, so if you are playing at a larger scale they are still a possibility. The models come in a bag of three or four designs, with the windshield, windows, and sunroof represented by a solid wedge of plastic sandwiched between the chassis and the body. It is a simple job of popping the top off, removing the wedge, and then painting the body and the chassis separately.

I sprayed the bodies primer red, then dabbed brown, red, and orange paint on them, before giving them a wash. For the chassis I simply washed the wheels, and then assembled the models again. They have the appearance of abandoned, rusted vehicles. I have not yet decided if I want to glue the models together, or if I should just leave them loose.

The last photo shows an end-by-end comparison between an original vehicle, a rusted vehicle, and one of the Dropzone Coammander vehicles.

I now have all the components ready for a game of Axles and Alloys 2.

And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I am done this gets announced...


Perhaps some of the terrain and markers might be useful...

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