Monday, August 31, 2015

Chain of Command: Arnhem Game 1

Martin and I finally kicked off the first game of our Arnhem campaign. More models are ordered and on their way, but we had enough to play the first scenario.

The scenario depicts the Paras probing the German defences in the vicinity of Wolfheze. For this campaign Martin is limited to infantry support, jeeps and universal carriers for vehicles, and the 6-pounder for anti-tank guns, while artillery represents mortars and perhaps the pack howitzer.

The Paras enter from the left side of the table, and must move at least one unit off the opposite edge. This was admittedly a difficult scenario for Martin, as I held the half of the table with the cover.

In our first Patrol Phase I bungled and left an unguarded corridor down my left flank, which meant the game was essentially over before it started, so we decided to do over.

The first section of Paras creep tactically along the hedge.

A Flak gun (counts as HMG) reveals itself!
One contact is made, we got so involved in the fighting I neglected to take photos. What happened next was I deployed a section in the building and started trading fire with the Paras behind the hedge, while Martin sent in another section to bolster his attack. My section in the building was wiped out (the Paras can really put out a lot of firepower, and Martin rolled very well), but by this time I have deployed another section in the orchard, while a third section was sent round it to try to flank the paras.

With my third section committed, Martin sent his last squad down my right flank, rushing for the table edge. I then sprung my surprise: I have a fourth squad hiding behind the hill near the table edge! To my horror, however, my squad came off worse in the firefight, and I had to recall the flanking squad from my far left to come back to defend the flank. With victory hanging in the balance, Martin charged his depleted Paras into my squad - the Paras were wiped out, but they took enough of my squad to make further defence futile; there was nothing left to prevent the other two squads from moving to my right.

We were both surprised by the offensive power and the tenacity of the Paras. Their 6 Command Dice also gave them the initiative for most of the battle, and Martin's use of smoke rounds from his mortar rendered most of my movements irrelevant.

That said I did not choose support that will negate the Paras' weaknesses: artillery and armour. In my next game I shall not be so merciful...


Clint said...

Chain of command I find a very enjoyable game. Nice to see it tackled with Arnham as the prize. I look forward to more posts about this campaign.

Rodger said...

That looks great! Very nice report and photos!

captain arjun said...

Thanks, gents.

Clint, love the VBCW stuff. That's one period I have always wanted to get into. God for King Edward!