Friday, August 28, 2015

Dropzone Commander Resistance vehicles

It started off because I wanted a Toyota Technical. I mean, which self-respecting Third World warlord wouldn't?

The problem is, a technical needs a context, and in this case context means lots of other militia figures in the same scale, maybe some elite Developed Nation special forces to fight them, and lots of terrain in the form of buildings. And that's *after* you get a technical.

I googled around and couldn't decide on a scale or a range, but the idea of doing a post-apocalyptic Mad Max/Car Wars sort of thing instead began to appeal to me. I chanced upon the Dropzone Commander Resistance faction which had the perfect vehicles for this. It took little to convince fg to get in on the project, and I ordered a pack each of their technicals, trucks, buses (yes, buses), and bikes to split between the two of us.

The models are incredibly well-cast and detailed, with all the undercarriage represented. The vehicles are single-piece resins, while the gun and crew are single-piece metals. The trucks come with resin weapons which I thought look too advanced for a "wasteland warriors" faction, and so used the technical weapon and crew instead. The buses come with separate fighting platforms that fit on top of them like howdahs. I decided to paint my bus more as a transport instead of a fighting vehicle for now.

I took the school bus with the intent of painting it in its "original" yellow, and had wanted to paint the other vehicles yellow too, but thought that might make them blend in too much with the terrain. Since fg picked red for his faction, I picked black.

The models were easy to paint, and the raised details easy to pick out. I weathered the models by dabbing a piece of sponged dipped in brown and then black paint, and washed with a black wash over the metal parts and a brown wash all over.

For rules we will be trying out Axles and Alloys 2, which is available free on the internet. I made some dashboard for the vehicles which I will show here after we have our first game.

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fatgoblin said...

nice! came out quite well. Like the sunflower....

I best get started then.....