Sunday, August 09, 2015

Warriors of Rohan unit 3

Another week, another unit - admittedly a smaller unit as these figures represent the dismounted version of my mounted unit, which has 8 figures (yes, I only have 7 foot figures left to make up this unit).

The leader is again from Footsore, specifically the Bors and Tristan pack. I swopped the spear hand with a sword hand from my Red Box dwarves (which will be getting Gripping Beast spear hands...) and glued a Rohirrim shield to the left hand. The standard bearer is again a simple conversion, and I chose a longer pennon for the unit. This unit has white flowers to distinguish themselves from the other two.

Next up will be the horse and riders and then the foot and mounted version of the general/warlord for the force. After those I hope to work on the 10/12mm vehicles for our Axles and Alloys 2 project. Stay tuned.


Rodger said...

Very nice work on these guys!

fatgoblin said...

wow, you're really painting fast! good job!