Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Captain of Rohan

The final figures in my Rohirrim warband.

They are both Footsore miniatures: the mounted figure is actually their King Arthur figure, and the foot figure is from their Gawain and Galahad pack (and presumably represents Gawain). They both have purple flowers on their bases to distinguish them, but I picked these two figures to represent the leader of my warband because they are sculpted with the same crest.

The Arthur figure is a single piece figure: the rider is sculpted on the horse and the shield is sculpted onto the arm and the horse. This probably accounts for the short lower limbs of the rider. I have left the shield undecorated for now.

With the Rohirrim done, I started prepping my Dropzone Commander Resistance faction vehicles. These are really very detailed resin pieces and I am not yet sure how I will prime or paint them. Stay tuned, and wish me luck!

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Natholeon said...

Those are really nice figures, and you've done a great job painting them up.