Thursday, October 29, 2015

4D Model JSU-152, Part 2

I got my hands on the Italeri ISU-152 kit I ordered today, which gave me the decals I needed to finish my wreck.

The 4D model is smaller than the Italeri model, which meant I had to cut one digit off the decal to fit it to the facet I wanted. After applying the decals, I tried to depict paint scratching off by gently sanding the decal - I wasn't too successful. To create the shell hole I took a pointed file and punched the point through the hull from the inside out, then sprayed some black paint around it, and finally dabbed some brown paint around the hole.

I also dabbed some black paint onto the decal and over the hull to represent some wear. The wheels and mud guards were also dabbed with a light brown paint.

This is probably as much work as I will do for this model. The next models I have lined up are a Dragon Panther wahj passed me (excellent kit which will require some attention; I haven't decided what camouflage pattern I want to paint it) and the Italeri ISU-152 kit. After looking at the parts I think I will attempt to build the "standard" kit (with link and length tracks, which I hate), and if I can't do a good job with that I will fall back onto the "quick build" kit instead. If I do manage to build the "standard" kit, then the "quick build" kit may just end up in one of my giveaways... maybe even built or as a wreck?

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Stephen Holmes said...

The transformation from the shiny original is quite amazing.