Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chain of Command: Crimea Campaign Game 2

T34-85 rolls onto the battlefield

We played a quick game of CoC on Sunday. wahj wanted to try out a tank rider platoon and T34, and fg played the Germans.

We played the Delaying Action scenario. I set up a village using the three Russian buildings fg passed me, and deployed about 9 feet of fences which I recently painted.

fg did better in the Patrol Phase and managed to get Jump-Off Points across the middle of the table.

wahj advanced in two prongs, and rather early in the game sent in his T35-85. Knowing he was going to pick a tank (I cheated), fg had chosen a Pak 38, which took it out in one shot.

It came to to an infantry fight, and that's when we realised that the SMGs weren't much good in a non-urban setting.

After an exchange of fire, two of the sections broke and fled. The platoon commander, knowing that failure is not an option, sent the final squad in a suicidal charge against the Germans, but it was a foregone conclusion.

The final charge.

Perhaps in our next game we can try fielding Green Russians, which will give wahj the option of fielding more than one tank, or a tank plus other supports.


Ray Rousell said...

Interesting looking game.

Rodger said...

Looks cool!

Stephen Holmes said...

I get the impression that CoC can end quite abruptly - like this game - one shot and the tank is down.

Those SMG squads really need to get to close quarters without delay.

At least the commander went down in a heroic charge for the Motherland.
Far more hinourable than facing the wrath of the commissar's pistol.

captain arjun said...

Yes, tanks are costly and rightly feared, so once it appears on the table you can bet the opponent is going to try to take it out as soon as possible!

Against the Germans, who have at least one panzerschreck and three panzerfausts, you need be extra careful.

I think the next time I field a tank I will deploy it when I have a double activation so I can scoot into some cover before the enemy can get a shot it - but he can still interrupt and ambush me with a tank-killing team if he has the dice!