Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chain of Command: Kampfgruppe von Luck Game 1

After a long hiatus (almost five months), we got back into Chain of Command by playing the first game of the Kampfgruppe von Luck campaign.

The first scenario is pretty straightforward, and features a German advance along a road to probe at the British perimeter. Martin rolled well for his "dispersal" and turned up with almost his entire platoon, and the patrol phase went well enough for him so the British managed to set themselves up behind a hedge.

Fg, commanding the Germans, deployed his leading section close to the British position, and then promptly called down a mortar barrage... that deviated and caught both the British and Germans under the impact area. If you look at the boundary of the impact area as indicated by the white smoke tokens in the photo below, you can see that the platoon commander and the Forward Observer team (on the top right corner) are just outside it.

After two phases the British have had enough and decided to pull out; fortunately for them they were close to their Jump Off point and could do so without excessive penalty. The Paras are now understandably upset but not yet demoralised, while the Germans are feeling quite optimistic. However, the next scenario will see the Paras fighting from better defensive positions...

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Rodger said...

I am looking forward to giving CoC a try one day! Thanks for a bit more inspiration.