Friday, May 06, 2016

Redoubt Sarpedon

My Trojan War project is something that has stalled for a long time - I bought the figures two and a half years ago, and this is only my second completed chariot.

I have wanted to do heroic warfare with chariots for a long time, and I have been agonising over the rules for years in discussions on my club forum. I have looked at Gang Warfare in the Age of Bronze, two other sets from old issues of Wargames Illustrated, and Osprey's Of Gods and Mortal - all of them had something I liked, but none of them ticked all the boxes. So, without a set of rules that got me really keen to play, the figures languished in a plastic tub in my cupboard. One of the MDF bases became moldy.

Having bought and read Tribal, I am sufficiently hopeful that I pulled the tub out, primed a few more figures, and started painting again. I still have close to thirty figures to go, and they won't be easy due to the amount of deflashing and cleaning required, but at least the two chariots are out of the way.

Until they are done, perhaps fg and I will play a few test games using the Vikings list with our LOTR figures.


Dannoc said...

I know how you feel - I bought a 15mm neo assyrian army with loads of chariots. Painted all the figures and glued them on to bases but didn't complete the bases ( I was waiting to finish all figures before doing that). Started on the chariots and that's as far as I got 5 years or so back. I need to motivate !

Rodger said...

Good thing take time, so they say!

Ray Rousell said...

It may well have taken a long time, but it looks pretty cool!