Thursday, July 19, 2018

Terrnoth #6 - Downtime in Tamalir

Campaign Diary

Having returned to Tamalir, our party took accommodations in the outer city and tried to find a buyer for the treasures they have taken from the burial caves.

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At "Lakemane's Luxuries", our heroes were offered an initial price of 90 gps, which they were able to bargain up to 120 gps, with the map to the obelisks. Therion Lakemane, the proprietor, also expressed interest on the bronze sword Strigoi was carrying, and promised to find a buyer for the orc.

While still unsure if he would sell his find, Strigoi visited Trystan the weapon-smith. Trystan was so taken by the beauty of the sword he accepted the job of crafting a scabbard worthy of it.

The haul from their first two adventures had not been as rich in treasures or magical artefacts as they had hoped for, but has whet the party's appetite, and they are planning their next expedition before winter arrives.


Prepping and Running the Game

For this campaign I am using the optional rule for requiring the PCs to spend downtime and money to level up. This to me makes more sense narratively, and with the use of a game calendar prevents what to me would be an unrealistically fast advancement for the characters.

The character of Therion Lakemane is actually created together with a B Team player. He had wanted to play a charismatic character, and I had wanted an NPC contact for the A Team to fence their loot for them. After an exchange of messages, Therion Lakemane and his store was created. When I asked the player how much he would offer the A Team for their loot based on the retail price, he suggested that he would offer a higher price if they sold him the location of their discovery. I jumped on this idea, and once the A Team agreed, it gave me an entirely new hook for my B Team games: these could be treasure-hunting expeditions funded by Therion Lakemane!

The first of the B Team games will likely be played in September, so stay tuned!

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