Monday, April 02, 2018

Vakeros Warrior-Mage

In the penultimate session of our Lone Wolf RPG campaign, the player of the dwarf PC was given a choice: to follow the rest of the party through a time-portal at the cost of the possible fall of his homeland, or to stay and take up another new character.

He looked at the options of playing a Vakeros Warrior-Mage for a while but eventually decided that his character would wait out the fifty years and meet the rest of the party in the future. Well, dwarves have that option.

While waiting for his decision, I started work on getting a suitable figure for the character.

The Vakeros are a human-like race who are the soldiers of the Magocracy of Dessi, They have dark skin, white hair, and amber eyes. They dress in crimson and yellow clothes, and wield a blue-steel sword.

This figure is made from the Frostgrave Soldiers box set, with the magic effect on the hand made from the flame of the torch piece. I am pretty pleased with the result.

While the figure did not see any use for the campaign, we have enjoyed playing in Magnamund, even if we find the Lone Wolf Adventure Game rules a little limited. We may yet visit the setting again (just as we will be revisiting our Space Opera setting), but when we do it will be with another set of rules.