Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tehnolog Orc painted as Magnamund Ogron

This is one of the four Tehnolog 54mm orcs that I got quite a while back. I reckoned they area good size for ogres next to 28mm scale figures, but I don't have an army that had ogres, so they remained unpainted. Then one of the adventures in my Lone Wolf campaign took my players to the Stornlands, where the Magnamund version of ogre - the ogron - commonly serve as mercenary troops.

The ogron is described as being around 9-foot tall, and have blue skin. The inspiration for the colour scheme comes from the ogron as depicted on the cover of the Magnamund Bestiary, and also an illustration of the same ogron inisde.

I tried a new technique on the shoulder plates to duplicate the appearance of worn metal shown in the illustration, and was quite happy with the result.

You can see all the four orc figures that came in the Tehnolog box in the picture below, and you can easily find a seller for them on ebay.

They can each fit onto a 40mm square base if you angle their front a little, but it will take some planning to make them rank up if you plan to put the bases side-by-side in a unit.

The final photo shows a size comparison against a Reaper 28mm figure.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Wargames Factory Woodland Indians with Mad Robot Miniatures conversion bits

Here are the three Wargames Factory Woodland Indians figures with weapon arms from Mad Robot Miniatures I painted last weekend.

As you can see, the arms are a little large for the torsos - and this is even after I have shaved them down considerably, but I think over all they still look ok for the tabletop.

They are based on the same Mirco Art Studios resin bases I used for the rest of the gang - this resulted in some odd poses, but as fg and I plan to use them for Necromunda, which features a lot of elevation, this may work out afetr all.

The final photo shows them alongside the rest of the gang. Their heads are noticeably smaller than those of the metal figures, but their futuristic-looking weapons help them blend into the look.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mad Robot Miniatures Heavy Weapon Team Done

I managed to complete the Mad Robot Miniatures Heavy Weapon Team over the past few days. The miniatures are from Mad Robot Miniatures, and the mortar, sandbag, shovel, and the mortar bomb in the hands of the crewman are from GW 40K.

The figures were fun to paint - and there is simply something about heavy weapon teams that just says "Imperial Guards".

The final photo shows the mortar team alongside the Warzone trenchers. Nothing on the figures from the two ranges themselves is exactly identical, but I think the identical colour scheme ties them together.

I am now tempted to buy figures and bits to build a squad of Rough Riders modeled after WW1 British cavalry, but the cost is likely to run to US$100 for six mounted figures. Perhaps I will wait for a sale...

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mad Robot Miniatures Heavy Weapon Team

I've been looking for a mortar team for my Warzone Imperials force for a while, but I haven't been able to find something that will match the look without some expensive and laborious head swap.

Then while looking for arms (as in upper limbs) and weapons to go with the Wargames Factory Woodland Indians to convert them into post-apocalyptic gangers (more on that in another post), I found Mad Robot Miniatures, which had the arms I needed, and indeed a whole customisable sci-fi miniatures range. I decided to get a 3-man crew since I was paying all that postage anyway, and the result is what you see above.

They unfortunately do not have a mortar, so I had to find and buy a 40K Imperial Guard mortar from ebay (and since I was paying postage I bought some other bits too, including the sandbags you see on the base).

The uniforms are not an exact match to the Warzone trenchers, as you can see below, but maybe infantrymen had a different uniform from men from the support company. Maybe.

The final picture shows how well the mortar bomb from 40K fits into the hands of the Mad Robot crewman. Over all, I am quite happy with my buy.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

War & Empire III Kickstarter

West Wind Productions has just started their kickstarter for their range of 15mm figures, and it funded in just 41 minutes.

I have bought a couple packs of their Successor infantry and cavalry, and liked them enough, so when I found that they will be releasing Late Romans this time round, I decided to back the project and give our Roman-Sassanid project another boost.

I am backing the King level together with Martin (who is looking to get a couple packs of Palmyrans), which will give me enough figures for three double-units of spears supported by archers, and two units of javelin-armed auxilia. That's 144 figurines to paint, not counting the free figures that will come with the stretch goals.

If you are looking for a new project for next year - the shipping date is given as December 2018 - then you may want to head over and have a look.