Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tehnolog Orc painted as Magnamund Ogron

This is one of the four Tehnolog 54mm orcs that I got quite a while back. I reckoned they area good size for ogres next to 28mm scale figures, but I don't have an army that had ogres, so they remained unpainted. Then one of the adventures in my Lone Wolf campaign took my players to the Stornlands, where the Magnamund version of ogre - the ogron - commonly serve as mercenary troops.

The ogron is described as being around 9-foot tall, and have blue skin. The inspiration for the colour scheme comes from the ogron as depicted on the cover of the Magnamund Bestiary, and also an illustration of the same ogron inisde.

I tried a new technique on the shoulder plates to duplicate the appearance of worn metal shown in the illustration, and was quite happy with the result.

You can see all the four orc figures that came in the Tehnolog box in the picture below, and you can easily find a seller for them on ebay.

They can each fit onto a 40mm square base if you angle their front a little, but it will take some planning to make them rank up if you plan to put the bases side-by-side in a unit.

The final photo shows a size comparison against a Reaper 28mm figure.

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SteveHolmes11 said...

A really good looking result.
I've often wondered about mixing scales for various effects.

Goblin <==> Orc <==> Ogre <==> Troll

Barbarian <==> Giant

Minifauna <==> Standard size Animal <==> Megafauna

This shows how well it works.