Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feel like Sirs

I'm finishing a few foot command figures now, amongst which is the figure on the left.

I got the figure on the right first, which is "Sir John Savage" from Trent Miniatures. When I bought ome flags from Vexillia earlier, I decided to take the opportunity to get a few figures from their Mirliton/Grenadier range to save on postage. When I saw the similarities between the "Personality 3" figure and the Sir John Savage figure, I knew I had to get it.

The two have similar armour, almost identical pose, and even have the same sword. The Mirliton figure is a little shorter, but I think it will pass muster.

I suppose I should work on the Mirliton artillery piece and crew next.


Brummie said...

very nice the armour looks great

Anonymous said...

even medieval heroes have fanbois!

I'm sure I have a plastic plume thing from one of the empire plastics. You want one?

captain arjun said...

Nah. I actually prefer it without the plume.