Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fence-y that

I was looking to do something with the Renendra tombstones that fg gave me and decided I would make a "Gothic Graveyard" to go with his zombies and planned undead army.

After some googling, I decided to go for the wrought iron fence look over the stonewall look, and a little more googling found this:

I got mine off ebay, but you can find it in a number of online stores. Mine arrived in less than a week, in a huge cardboard box packed with those air-bags, because while thin and light, the package is long ("That's what she said.").

Anyway, this is what you get:

Two shorter sections, one of which has the gate, and two long sections. The "obverse" side of the sections show "relief", while the "reverse" side is flat.

Put together, you get a rectangle measuring 28.5cm x 39.5cm.

I will probably cut the long section to make an enclosure measuring 28.5cm x 26.5cm, and use the off-cuts for "damaged sections".

The gate is just the right size for 28mm, but does not open.

The details aren't exactly fantastic, and they have stupidly design the mould such that the vents are on the "obverse" side - you can probaby see them in the last photo above.

All in all I'm not disappointed; it is, after all, a cheap plastic toy from China. With a coat of primer, some black paint and some suitable weathering, it should do for the wargaming table.

Now to start planning the magnetic joinery and interior...


Simon Quinton said...

ooooo shiny. What did you search for to find it I fancy me some of that

captain arjun said...

I believe I used the term "O scale iron fence" - the fence also comes in other scales so do be careful before you click.

I also found this after I bought my fence:

Looks like it may be a better choice if you don't already have tombstones and a crypt.

Simon Quinton said...

Thanks i'll have a look around

Anonymous said...

they look spiffy! having the vents on the side with the details is quite common, I'll venture to guess that it is cheaper to do it this way. we could warhammer it up by pressmoulding skullz onto it :)

like the design, esp the gate. Size seems spot on too. Bars may be a bit thick but at this scale, maybe a good thing or it will be rather fragile