Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out with the Old Guards?

These Rogue Trader era Imperial Guards are some of the oldest figures I own; I bought them some time after I got the plastic Space Marines box set (the ones with the beakies) with the intention of using them as "unarmoured infantry" to provide a contrast to the Space Marines.

I probably used them in a couple of games and then left them in a box all these years - several are not even assembled.

I've already given my beakies to a friend and I think it's also approriate that I let these go to a better home, to a wargamer who will give them a coat of paint and field them on a table (to die in hordes as IGs do...).

The four figures on the left of the top row are metal figures (3 guardsmen with injuries and one officer), while the other 16 are plastic. They are short of one head and there aren't enough lasguns to go round; still, I reckon they are worth more than US$50 on ebay.

I'm looking to trade them, specifically for 15 plastic Tactical Space Marines with bolters and 5 plastic Terminators with stormbolters and powerfists (preferably unpainted), but if you have something else you think I might be interested in we can discuss things.

Thank you.

Update: I've made a trade for them. Thanks for reading.


Leif Eriksson said...

I love the classic Imperial Guards, their helmets were so funky and cool looking.

I bought a box to use as a genestealer cult allies, and painted some of them up as Colonial Marines for the Aliens RPG. Ah, those were the days...

captain arjun said...

They are nice. Their helmets look like the Space marines beakie helmets without the face mask.

Unfortunately their proportions are not as... modern as the more recent models. They should release models with this uniform.