Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chronopia Stygian Ophidan

A while back Chronopia had a 50% sale, and even though they didn't have anything that fit with the armies I was collecting, I went ahead and bought a few items, including a Goblin Myrmidon and the Stygian Ophidan - because who doesn't *need* a furry warbeast with a goblin crew AND a wyvern?

Needless to say they remained unpainted for a long time, until recently, looking for a change from painting my WOTR figures and worried about possible lead rot, I assembled the two sets, passed Adrian the Myrmidon to use with his Warhammer goblins (makes a good count-as Snotling Pump Wagon, I think), and worked on painting the Ophidan myself.

The model was not too hard to assemble, although it did take pinning, puttying, and three days to allow the epoxy to dry thoroughly between parts. I had to cut the tear-drop shaped metal base that came in the set to fit the model onto a 40mm monster base, but it wasn't hard to find the balance point.

After some thinking I decided to go a bat-like colour scheme over the traditional green warhammer wyvern or the purple-red on the box art.

Here is the result.


Sean said...

That wyvern is very cool. I like how you painted it.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Sean.

fatgoblin said...

like it! Wyverns are cool!