Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Roll with it

As I get older and the available space for storage and the available time for gaming become more limited, I become more selective of what I buy.

I tend to favour "force-multiplier" purchases: items that can be used across rules, scales and/or periods, such as terrain items, or things that can be used with what I already have in my collection, like a set of rules.

One recent such purchase that has just arrived in the main this afternoon are six Gamescience d6s, which I show photographed above with two sets of Gamescience polyhedrals that I already own. The first set was a gift from Adrian, and afterwards I just had to get another set myself because it's so much easier with a couple of sets when you are game-mastering.

They are not cheap dice, given that you can get fancy, themed dice for a fraction of price of their Gamesciene counterparts, but I reckon since dice are one of those cross-games items, I might as well invest in some good ones. With these latest arrivals, I have eight d6 (which are sufficient for our Dux Britanniarum game) and four d10s (6 if I use the d20s too, and which will come in useful for d10-based games).

And speaking of d10-based games and "force-multiplier", I have tagged an order of the "Servants of Ra" starter set on fg's order. We are probably going to use the Empire of the Dead rules for our planned campaign, and I am thinking of styling my faction as The Darkfire Club, a league of extra-evil gentlemen with the power of necromancy; I have a fantasy-Egyptian-themed Blood Bowl team which means I already have several mummy and animal-headed humanoids which I can use as the raised/summoned undead. The bald gentlemen in the starter set is also a dead ringer to my team coach, so I can field them as my faction leader in the "English" and the "native" fashion, as appropriate to the occasion. And incidentally, my Blood Bowl team is also called "The Ra Team"; not terrible original, I know, but there is something to be said for tropes when it comes to pulp gaming...

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