Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Customisable" terrain

It all started with these Fenris standing stones fg got me...

Since they were of three different sizes, I decided to base them on different-sized round lip bases.

Then I got the idea that I should make an area-terrain piece with three round slots for them that would allow me to remove the individual bases to facilitate placement of figures onto the terrain. The base is basically a piece of of mounting board withe the appropirate sized holes cut into it glued to another, slightly larger piece of mounting board. The edge is given a bevelled effect by masking tape, and the whole thing is textured with some cork pieces and a mix of sand and gravel, then sprayed and painted and finally flocked.

Then I thought: since I am going to make a base, I might as well think of other things I can place onto it to represent other types of terrain!

So after some googling, I bought a pack of these from Fantascape:

 I painted them to match the rocks on the base, so that when placed on it the whole will look likethe site of some ruined building.

I'm now making a set of water effect inserts to allow me to use this as a marsh; and once I get the bits I plan to make an undead pit of some sort. Stay tuned.


Ubique Matt said...

Great idea Arjun,

Very simple but very effective idea, I might borrow that one myself.


captain arjun said...

I'm glad you like it, Matt.

Many sets of rules require terrain features of about 6" across, so I figured instead of making multiple bases I could just make a few and change the top bits.

Sean said...

Great idea and well executed.